Wednesday, 3 April 2013

2013 - I'm ashamed of the lack of updates I've made.

If anyone is still reading I applaud you, my lack of updates have been pitiful and non-existent, however Mutley still lives on and is still a "WIP".

Progress has and is being made and money is finally being spent, so progress should be of a fast paced nature (hopefully).

So let's try and get everything back up to date.....


The car was in the state that it was on a four wheels, had a roof lining fitted and the engine in the vauxhall subframe fitted and mounted.

(Vauxhall subframe mounted with suspension, brakes and wheels)

It was then going to Miniworld Action Day at Castle Combe race circuit that a realisation dawned upon us, EVERYONE was doing what we where doing and it was become such a common occurrence and very 'samey'.
It was decided that we'd go back to the "A" Series engine and pretty much a few days later we'd organised to buy one from a friend and collect it in November. The engine was stripped down, cleaned and rebuilt. We then had to source a subframe which was sourced locally from "The Mini Forum". It was the the task of stripping and painting the subframe and then assembling all of this into the car.

From this....
to this.... 
(1275 painted in BMW Silver)

(1275 mounted into refurbished subframe with brakes, suspension and

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