Friday, 27 April 2007

Companion Bin Repair!

Here is the "Companion bin closing plate' welded in and done.

Door step complete, and you can just see the template to make that rear bit, as they don't do a 'repair' panel, you can only buy a huge lump including the sill.

Door fits nicely!


This won't be a very interesting update - but I'm doing interior retrimming - I'm wondering why I don't do this for a living??!! HAHA!

Total spent on material: £12 (for a 3 sheets that would carpet several living rooms)
Total spent on foam: £7 (for a sheet that would carpet several living rooms)
Total spent on machine: £FREE!

I work this out to be cheaper than getting a company to do it for you, I found that one re-trimmed sunvisor was £25!!!!!!!

My weapon of choice, a Singer 748 (has a sticker saying 1300SPM!!!) this was a free machine from FREECYCLE - got to love it! (

I cut some card from a Strongbow box - I'm an alkieholic! hehe! Good excuse to get another box maybe? The layers worked out as:
Foam > Card > Metal Frame > Card > Foam

I'm not hot on this sewing machine stuff, it was my first attempt since school, the top one is the second and the bottom one is the first.

Then I glued all my layers together with Industrial Spray Mount, and tried to work out how to get the layers into my material pouch?!

Little bit of a push and struggle I got them in....