Friday, 15 May 2009

Alternator, Paint. and Excitement...

Alternator - Possibly looking at a slim line one - Fiat Cinquecento?

Going to the engineering shop tomorrow to talk with them and see how much monies they want for the drive shafts, fingers crossed it's not as much as I think it could be. Looking at a key and sleeve method.

Planning on spraying the first coat of primer on the 21st/22nd - looking forward to it, very exciting stuff. Only a week to go!

Arches arrived on Tuesday - Big up to Huddersfield Minispares for quick delivery!

Got a rather large basket waiting in Minispares to order - finishing items, seals etc.

After the minispares basket the things left on my list are:
Fuel Cap - Want a black one?
Brake Pads/Discs
Top arms
Rose Joints
Threaded Bar
Wheel Nuts