Saturday, 4 August 2007

O/S Shock Mount - Complete

So, like I said - it was nice and simple - all went smoothly.

Welded the vent hole on the N/S up - and put in the scuttle closing panel.

Did a bit of tidying on the N/S shock mount - looks much nicer.

To do:
O/S Scuttle closing
O/S Vent Sealing
Rear Valance
Various Tidying

Friday, 3 August 2007

N/S Shock Mount - Complete

N/S Shock mounting panel made up, and welded in - was a bit of a pig to do, but it was better than buying a whole new wing just to use a section of it.

As you can see the O/S isn't as bad and won't take very long at all to complete.

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Attacking the Shock Mounts

As you can see, the side is complete, and we've started attacking the shock mounting points - rotten isn't really the word for it, I think non-existant covers it.

Really not much left to do now, but still plenty to do on the trailer, so once the shell is complete least there will be something to do.... well apart from building the engine, but we need to find somewhere dry and stuff to start that really.

Blind Monkey Welding?

Do you think it's been let loose by the previous owner?

If I knew the person responsible for such appalling welds I would name a shame, but alas I don't!

Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Passenger Side Complete.. Nearly!

Just need to weld inside - then the sides are finished.

Left to do: Shock mounts (both sides), Rear Valence & Some Tidying!

Then we need to find some money to get it sprayed?!

Trailer Rot

Anyone for some tasty trailer rot?
I spent the afternoon in the shade cleaning of the underseal and waxoyl from the bottom of the trailer, found lots of lovely little nastys.

Sunday, 29 July 2007

Extended Doorstep

Today was putting the extended doorstep on, and fixing a few bits - had to do the bracing between the outer sill and the inner sill (unforunately I didn't get a picture - sorry).
I'm happy to say that it all went without a hitch - must be a first!

The shock mount looks a bit daunting - don't you think?

The start of the day - 'Mind the Gap'

The day progressed...

The end of the day and no gap to be seen!