Friday, 18 May 2007

LED Clusters

The LEDs arrived this morning and plenty of these are needed now!! my eyes are hurting!!!

Just a sneak preview of how bright they are, this is only 12 LEDs. Each segment will have around 40 !!!!!!!

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

LED Clusters

The below (29/04/07) has now been finished and complete - and tidied to a much better standard than it was left in, however I haven't any pictures as it started to drizzle and wanted to get the car covered and safe from weather before it chucked down.

Wet weather work has started, design and mock up of the LED rear lights, and design of the loom has started - everyone that has owned a mini knows how unreliableable and shocking the electrics are in the mini - and this was to be one of the main priorities to replace when we started to rebuild.

Some mock up pictures for you, and the design.

Ordered some 5mm Ultrabrite LEDS from HK - £1.36 and they are 130,000MCD (in other words - f**king bright!)