Friday, 17 October 2008

Hydraulic Box

Much eBay hunting and patience led to us buying the part for the gearbox we needed to convert it from cable to hydraulic - a part that retails at £70 odd pounds we won for £1 with £5 postage. Most impressed and relieved that we saved money which is more than can be saved/spent on Mutley.

Having to re-do one of the doors - passenger - as once mounted was awfully flexible and just wouldn't line up - found the frame was extremely flimsy and weak. Managed to get another door we only bought for glass for another eBay sum of £10 and a local pick up.

Other than that we have built the engine top end up, and it looks amazing, just getting the rest of the gaskets together and it'll be complete, which is a rather scary achievement considering how long it's been apart.

Torque steer ahoy! Got to love the Vauxhall shafts!