Friday, 27 April 2007


This won't be a very interesting update - but I'm doing interior retrimming - I'm wondering why I don't do this for a living??!! HAHA!

Total spent on material: £12 (for a 3 sheets that would carpet several living rooms)
Total spent on foam: £7 (for a sheet that would carpet several living rooms)
Total spent on machine: £FREE!

I work this out to be cheaper than getting a company to do it for you, I found that one re-trimmed sunvisor was £25!!!!!!!

My weapon of choice, a Singer 748 (has a sticker saying 1300SPM!!!) this was a free machine from FREECYCLE - got to love it! (

I cut some card from a Strongbow box - I'm an alkieholic! hehe! Good excuse to get another box maybe? The layers worked out as:
Foam > Card > Metal Frame > Card > Foam

I'm not hot on this sewing machine stuff, it was my first attempt since school, the top one is the second and the bottom one is the first.

Then I glued all my layers together with Industrial Spray Mount, and tried to work out how to get the layers into my material pouch?!

Little bit of a push and struggle I got them in....

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